Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Found Nirvana

...and it was in my night-stand this whole time! Well, maybe not the whole time. More like a month or so. And it's not actually Nirvana, but something damned close. I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, but what else is new? Alright, before I get too far into this craziness, let's get the old 'opening spiel' over with... I'm going to be reviewing (for your reading pleasure) the:

by Prisms Erotic Glass

I'm a huge fan of glass toys, and I desperately wish that I owned more of them. There's something so wonderful and unique about glass that just can't be equaled by any other material. Now you might be thinking "glass, oh hell no! no was is something made out of glass going in my vagina!". I get it, I really do. I was just like you a few years ago; skeptical, doubting, afraid. But I (and my vagina) have since embraced glass for the wonder that it is.

Glass is a perfectly safe choice of material (certainly safer than icky jelly toys). Glass is non-porous and can therefore be sterilized. The one thing you do have to be careful of when it comes to glass dildos is breaking them! I've heard horror stories of beloved toys that had to be tossed because they were cracked or chipped. While a glass toy is completely safe to use internally, a chipped or cracked toy is NOT. Luckily, most glass toys (including the Nirvana) come with at least a small velvet pouch to store the toy in. Some even come with padded bags, which is awesome, because you really don't want these toys bumping-uglies in your toy-drawer!1 But still, be careful with your glass folks, especially if you love the toy as much as I love this one.

And how much do I love the Nirvana Cobalt? Let me count the ways:

1. It's glass, which I've already stated is an amazing choice of material. Unlike silicone (which, obviously, I also love), glass slides with little or no lube and provides for a much smoother thrust.
2. It's got these fabulous bulbs:

which feel absolutely amazing inside me. I love thrusting them in slowly, so I can feel each individual bulb as it slides in, opening me up.
3. It's blue! I don't know if I've ever mentioned this but I love any toy that's not pink! Not that there's really anything wrong with pink, I'm just annoyed at the over saturation of the sex-toy market with all things pink and purple. (It's a not-so-secret goal of mine to own a green sex toy)

Look at this gorgeous blue color!

4. And finally, the price is right. At only $20, the Nirvana is fairly cost-effective. I've not going to break the bank, like some of my other favorite toys

Now, I'm not one of those lucky, lucky girls who can come from penetration alone (at least, not typically), but I feel like the Nirvana almost brings me there. While it isn't at all curved, I feel like the bulbous end of the dildo does press lightly against my G-spot if I thrust at exactly the right angle. I wouldn't recommend this as a G-spotting toy, it's not designed as one, and doesn't provide nearly enough pressure. But the light, almost teasing, touches are still very enjoyable. I think that's one of the reasons why the Nirvana has become my go-to dildo for quick masturbation sessions. There's not a lot of prep-work since I don't have to use much lube (or any at all, most times) and it gets me off (in combination with a clit-vibe) pretty damned quick! I also occasionally use it for a slow session of thrusting and building up my arousal; my fiance certainly enjoys torturing me with it.

But maybe you guys don't come here just to listen to me gush about my toys. Maybe you want some actual stats. Fine, you guys are really so demanding:

  • Weighing in at ~0/6 lbs, the Nirvana isn't exactly a light toy, but it's not heavy enough that you'll break your wrist while thrusting.
  • And with ~5.25" of insertable length, it shouldn't scare anyone off either.
  • The base is just about 1.75" in diameter, and is technically anal-safe, though I am not quite adventurous enough (yet) to try it in my ass.
  • The bulbs of the toy are all just about 1.125" in diameter, and the depressions between them are 1", which means that you can really feel each one as it slides home.

I think that about wraps it up for Nirvana. Bottom line: I love this dildo. It's made of one of my favorite materials, has amazing bulbs (that feel fab in my vag) and is a gorgeous color! What more could you want out of life? Food and shelter? Nah, you only need orgasms. 
Want one of your own? (a toy, not the orgasm, though it should follow!) You can pick one up at

1If you want to know more about the care and keeping of glass toys, you should really check out my buddy Naughty Reenie's post on the subject. And tell her I say hi!

The Nirvana Cobalt was given to me in exchange for my honest review by, thanks again Jessica!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


We have another first here on the blog! I'm going to be reviewing a porno for the very first time!
Now, full disclosure, porn hasn't always been my thing. I do occasionally watch some DVDs that I had laying around the house, but it's not really a go to for my masturbation sessions. This porn, however, is very different. I actually requested this DVD for review. Because, you see, this isn't just any old porno, it's the newest edition of...

by Buck Angel Entertainment

This movie is different than any other porno I've ever seen, and I definitely want to go out and get the first two volumes of the series to watch with my fiance! But before I get too carried away (yeah right, like that will ever happen) let me back up and start at the beginning...

Buck Angel is an adult film star, head of his own production company, and a transman! He fights for trans rights and puts out the most awesome PSAs about body acceptance and trans health issues. So it's probably not all that surprising that his porn has an educational spin to it!

The Sexing the Transman DVD has 5 scenes, three couples and two solo scenes. Each scene starts out with Buck interviewing the performer(s). They talk about, among other things, sexuality, transitioning and just trans life in general.
These interviews are so cool and provide real insights into what it's like to be a transperson. Surprise! Trans people have sex too! And if the DVD is anything to judge by, they have really hot sex!

At first I was a bit unsure about how to approach this review. Should I break the DVD down and review each scene one at a time? Or should I just put down my impressions of the film as a whole? Both seemed like viable options, and so in the end (in the spirit of true democracy [or something like it]), I decided to do both! I'm going to talk about why this movie as a whole is awesome (spoiler alert: I loved it!), and I'm also going to give some highlights from my favorite scenes. So let's get started, shall we?

The DVD starts out hot with a scene between Bleu, a transman, and Je his gender-queer partner. This scene was pretty cool because it is so obvious that Bleu and Je are real people. Not porn-stars who are dolled up in a ton and a half of makeup and look absolutely flawless from every angle. Real people, really fucking. There's some great chemistry between these two, and it's obviously that they really love fucking each other (probably why they're a couple in the frist place), and that translates into some hot on-screen sex. I wasn't a huge fan of the choking, but Je seemed to be really into it, and that in and of itself was hot to me. Also, lots of sucking of trans cock! 

Next up we have a solo-scene with Atlanta based transman, Rex. If you're into masturbation scenes, then this will totally be for you! Honestly, I found it hot but it wasn't really my thing. What I like about porn is watching two (or more) people going at it hot and heavy, so solo isn't really going to appeal to me as much. But that's just me! It was, however, really fun to watch the expression on Rex's face as he got himself off. Very cool. The only thing that disturbed me was the use of what I'm 90% certain was a jelly vibrator. Silicone man, silicone!

The solo-scenes are interspersed with the coupled scenes, so next up we have another real-life couple, Lola and Rude Boy. Now, what I loved more than anything else about this scene was the fact that both of them are trans! Lola is a transwoman, and Rude is a transman! How fucking cool is that? Porn doesn't get more inclusive folks! The sex was pretty damned hot too, with lots of nipple-sucking (from 2 different angles) and moaning. I especially loved when Rude started face-fucking Lola while she was going down on him. Hot! I wasn't really a huge fan of the kissing in this scene (of the face-sucking and lip-mashing variety), but again, I'm pretty sure that's just a personal preference.

Back to the solo-scene with Dicky, who lives his life as both a man and a woman. (We really need some good gender neutral pronouns, don't we? Get on that folks, okay?) Like most of the other scenes, this one started a bit slowly, with Buck coaxing Dicky into first taking off his shirt, and then getting progressively more naked. (Spoiler alert: naked is good). And then there was clit-pumping! Which I had honestly never seen before. How I've gotten to the ripe old age of *insert age here* without ever seeing a good old-fashioned clit pumping, I don't know. But I'm going to try to see more, that's for sure! It's a little like watching someone jack off with a crystal clear Fleshlight (which I would also like to see), and it was pretty damned hot! (Though I wasn't a fan of the spitting... ew).

And now for the grand finale: Buck and Sean! Yes, that's Buck as in Buck Angel, the man behind all of this madness. Unlike the other scenes, this one didn't start with an interview (probably because Buck was too busy fucking :oD), but rather just jumped straight into gay porn! Yay! My favorite! So much manly fucking, I could plotz! Yum. Although I could do without the very manly groaning, it was nice to see that everyone was at least having an excellent time! I think that the biggest difference between this DVD and mainstream hetero porn, is that here all of the performers seem to actually be enjoying themselves! What a novel concept! (more please!) Buck clearly enjoys being fucked! Also: Sean wears a condom throughout the scene! Yay for showcasing some really hot safe-sex! Way to go guys! This last scenes was the most "hard-core" of all of them. With tons of hard pussy-pounding and dirty talking (and grunting, so much grunting). It was a lot of fun to watch, and the one that I'm going to be getting my self off to many more times in the future!

Overall, this DVD was both hot and educational! Pornucational! (see what I did there?) Honestly, my favorite part of every scene was the interview. I loved hearing about the performer's life, transition and sex life. If you just want some straight-up fucking and aren't interested in listening to the interviews, that's cool too! You'll still really love this DVD, (here's a hint: you can fast-forward past the talking bits if that's what you want) but you'll be missing out on some of the best bits.

Would I recommend this DVD? The answer is emphatically: YES. This is a must-have DVD for anyone's collection, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a bit of a pack-rat. I actually threw out my other porn once I got Sexing the Transman. And if that's not the best recommendation ever, I don't know what is. :o)

Thank you to Buck Angel Entertainment for sending me this DVD in exchange for this honest review! You're an awesome guy Buck!


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